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  • Conventional and advance NDT
  • Spooling & re-spooling of wire ropes
  • Onshore & offshore Oil & Gas Fields & Facilities Services
  • Test, Inspection and Certification of all types of onshore and offshore lifting accessories and lifting equipment includes Crane, Forklift, Lorry Loader, Excavator | HIAB etc.
  • Test, Inspection and Certification of lifting equipment carrying persons like Elevator, Escalator, Passenger Conveyors, Window Cradle, Construction Hoist, MEWP etc.
  • All type of Non Destructive Testing (NDT/NDE) services includes Magnetic Particle Inspection(MPI), Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI), Ultrasonic Scanning (UT) and Eddy Current Inspections (ET)
  • UIS provides Third Party Welding inspection, Welder qualification and Certification services
  • Design and Fabrication of Spreader Beams / Systems.
  • Thorough examination and hydrostatic testing of Pressure Vessels and Boilers.
  • Visual examination and Functional test for all powered Mechanical equipment
  • UIS provides all type of Crane, Forklift and MEWP operator competency training and certification
  • Inspection & certification of Water bags and test weights
  • Strip down inspection and test of Crane Blocks
  • Developing a custom tailored solution for your project. Planning, analysis, and assembly


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